Festive Tasks: Door 6, Task 3 – Red


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Task 3: How do you use color in your personal living space or for your holiday decorating? Do you paint your walls in all the wild colors, or do you rely on accents? Do you have a color palette that you have selected for your decorating schemes? Show us a pic of a particularly colourful spot in your home (either decorated for the season, or not – whichever you prefer!).

I don’t necessarily work towards a specific color palette in my home, but it would be hard to miss (in my furniture, as well as accents such as curtains, blankets, pillows, and table cloths, and also in my pots and china) that red is my favorite color.  That means, at the same time, that I don’t use any other primary colors in a similarly prominent way — mostly, the red items are set off against white, black, and various shades of beige and brown.  This also tends to be true for my holiday decorating (only add gold and silver), though among my favorite items is a holiday-themed set of candles with village scenes set off against a dark blue night sky — and when I go for holiday lights, these may well be different colors, too.

I’ve shared most of these images on prior occasions, but they’re still true (and besides, I haven’t put up my holiday decorations yet, so for the moment I’m using images from last year for those):





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