Festive Tasks: Door 5, Task 4 – Charlie, the Gothic Romance Virgin Eater

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE

Task 4: (Cheeky) If you have a cat (or can borrow one from a friend), take a picture of him/her looking particularly fierce and ready to eat a naughty child. If you really want to go all out, photoshop a giant version of your cat onto a picture, prowling the countryside looking for lazy children to eat.

Well, OK — so it’s not exactly children …

4 thoughts on “Festive Tasks: Door 5, Task 4 – Charlie, the Gothic Romance Virgin Eater

  1. Hah, very good! 🙂 Though I expect your cat will bat your teeny Gothick virgin under a giant mat and pounce a few times on the bump before fetching her out, throwing her around in the air and then stalking away quite bored because the virgin was quite, quite still…

  2. That’s a great idea although getting her to pose will be a problem she hates the flash on my phone and runs a mile whenever she sees me with it 🙂

    1. All cats hate the flash — I think it‘s because it hurts their eyes because it does something to the substance that makes their eyes reflect light.

      I just used a cutout from a photo taken at daylight hours, when Charlie was climbing down from something — a very prosaic stack of files, in fact!

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