Festive Tasks: Door 3, Task 1 – Here Comes the Sun

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Task 1: How long is the longest day of the year where you live? How long is the shortest? Does your home town/country celebrate the solstice?

Bonn does not so much celebrate the solstice as enjoy the longer evenings in summer generally. According to TimeandDate.com and Climate-Data.org, the longest day hereabouts is June 21 (summer solstice), with almost exactly 16:30 daylight hours, and the shortest day is December 21 (winter solstice), with just under 8:00 daylight hours. Statistically, our sunniest month is July, with an average of over 10 hours of sunshine per day. Not surprisingly, it’s also the warmest month of the year.


A winter sunrise on the Rhine:

— and sunsets in summer …

(image source)

… fall …

… and winter (at my home):

(photos mine except otherwise indicated above)

5 thoughts on “Festive Tasks: Door 3, Task 1 – Here Comes the Sun

  1. Almost exactly the same longest and shortest days here in Cincinnati, OH USA. Longest day is June 20 (14hrs 55 min daylight) and shortest day is Dec 31 at only 9 hours 25 min daylight.

    I was actually just researching this topic today before I read your post. Because I was surprised it was dark so early this evening went I went running! 🏃🏾

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