Festive Tasks: Door 2, Task 1 – The Spirit of Christmas Perpetual

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Task 1: Holiday books often have covers that try to evoke a certain emotion in the reader. Post a picture, or a gallery of pictures, of holiday themed book covers that really appeal to you, and, if you want to, tell us why.

A large part of what I like about holiday reading is the soothing effect I associate with it, usually much-needed in the last month of the year to exude some confort and coziness in the final month of the year to make up for the stress and strain of the previous 11 months. This typically begins with the book covers, which I like the better the more they remind me of a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings and, yes, clichés and nostalgia: snow-laden winter scenes (as on the covers of the books I already posted separately, in response to another task), a Christmas tree or decorated pine branches, stockings, candles, stars, glass balls, bows, ribbons and other Christmas ornaments, etc. If not looking at snowy outdoor scenes (where I tend to prefer a palette domiated by blue and white), I also find that I’m growing rather attached to covers dominated by red, green and gold (or beige). So, basically, I’m looking for covers that invite me to come inside the book and curl up on a large, comfortable seat next to its metaphorical fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate or tea next to me, a cat on my lap or next to me, and listen to the story (or stories) told in the book.

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