Festive Tasks 2020: … aaaand we’re off!

Door 14 – Reveal & Task 1, Door 15 – Book, and Door 16 – Task 1

The king is dead; long live the king … with Halloween Bingo behind us, Festive Tasks is already well under way!  Since we ran a poll this year to determine which holidays were to be included in the game, we’re starting with a calendar pre-seeded with 10 holidays and will be opening the remaining doors in the order of the poll’s outcome — so the most popular holiday is hidden behind door No. 1 and will be revealed last.


Today was the day of the first surprise holiday (emerging from the poll) to be revealed: It is Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light(s); the winner of the run-off poll we held for the final spot on the list of the 14 holidays to be included in addition to the 10 pre-seeded holidays.

Task 1: Make an Indian dish or bake some Nankhatai (eggless cardamom cookies) – here’s the recipe: https://www.tashasartisanfoods.com/blog/nankhatai

What better to complete my first task for this square with than a favorite dish?  Chicken Tikka Masala with fresh pineapple (albeit with tikka masala paste courtesy of my local supermarket … as were the other ingredients, for that matter):


My first completed tasks were for doors 15 and 16: Día de los Muertos / All Saints’ Day, and Melbourne Cup Day.


Door 15: Día de los Muertos / All Saints’ Day – Book:

Reread a favorite book by a deceased author or from a finished series, or read a book set in Mexico or a book that either has a primarily black and white cover or all the colors (ROYGBIV) on the cover, or a book featuring zombies.

This month’s book book from the Agatha Christie Centenary project was a shoe-in for this category, so it was a natural choice.  Never mind the ridiculous plot — I just love Tommy and Tuppence’s youthful exuberance.  Can’t reread this one often enough.


Door 16: Melbourne Cup Day – Task 1:

Pick your ponies!  Pick the top 3 horses of this year’s Melbourne Cup race (and, if you want, 1 alternative.)  As always, the horses in this year’s running will be announced 1 day ahead of the race (this year: Nov. 2) and the outcome as soon as the race is run (on Nov. 3).

My three picks were:


  1. Sir Dragonet
  2. Prince of Arran
  3. Anthony van Dyck

I got Prince of Arran right (he’d been a lucky horse for me once before, so I figured I’d pick him again) … but my second bonus point has the rather tragic background that Anthony van Dyck broke down in the final straight and later had to be put down … so our Captain of the Cup gave everyone who had picked him a memorial point “because he was a VERY GOOD BOY and gave his all.”

Poor, brave boy. 🙁  He was a beautiful horse and would have deserved a long and happy life (as do all creatures).


For the record, Sir Dragonet finished 6th.


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