Fancy Food Shopping Splurge; or, the Cats and the Candle

My BFF and I took a trip down to Frankfurt yesterday, to stock up supplies at our favorite tea and spice store; and while we were there, we also took a look at Frankfurt’s newly-restored (pseudo-)medieval quarter (whose medieval buildings were destroyed in WWII and were now finally restored from scratch, some 70+ years later — and wow, they sure did an amazing job there) … and of course, at Frankfurt’s main Christmas market, where I found a lovely Rosina Wachtmeister candle holder.

Charlie inspects the gift box I secretly had the store put together for my friend while we were there …

… while Sunny goes straight for the jugular — or for his human’s jugular at least:

“This smells interesting.  So what exactly are pralines, mom?”

Seconds later, though:
“Why does this light keep moving and flickering? 
That’s … intriguing, but it’s also seriously spooky!  Lights aren’t supposed to behave like that!!”

(Not to be outdone, Charlie has a look as well —
but to everybody’s relief, doesn’t dare get any closer, either!)


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