Dennis Wheatley & J.G. Links: Murder off Miami – MbD: It’s Here!!

Sooo … are we still on for a buddy read, um, exercise in crime solving?

And it’s even in a damned fine condition, given its age … there’s the odd cuff, and the pages are yellowed, as was to be expected (and for once I wouldn’t want them any other way — this is a “historic” crime file after all!), but other than that, not a splot or a scratch or a tear …

… and almost the best part is, the seal over the solution part is unbroken!  Woohoo!

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8 thoughts on “Dennis Wheatley & J.G. Links: Murder off Miami – MbD: It’s Here!!

  1. Ohhh we have (had?*) two of those as well. Or at least something very similar but I do remember the documents and clues you could take out so I think it was the same series. They were fun.

    *I’m not entirely sure what fell victim to our living room renovation, what ended up in a completely different shelf than it used to be and what is still hiding in a box that has not yet been discovered

      1. Thank you! And yes, I’ve seen in the interim that some of the Marketplace sellers have obviously got their hands on several of these (English editions as well, including of other books from the series), albeit most of them 1970s / 1980s reprints, not the original 1930s editions. Even including the reprints, they *are* limited editions, though, and the kicker obviously is whether the seal covering the solution is unbroken … I just significantly reduced the value of mine by breaking the seal and checking whether I had in fact guessed correctly! 😀

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