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Elentarri and I are embarking on a buddy read of Clea Koff’s The Bone Woman, starting tomorrow.  If anybody would like to join us, please do!

The book blurb:

In 1994, Rwanda was the scene of the first acts since World War II to be legally defined as genocide. Two years later, Clea Koff, a twenty-three-year-old forensic anthropologist, left the safe confines of a lab in Berkeley, California, to serve as one of sixteen scientists chosen by the United Nations to unearth the physical evidence of the Rwandan genocide. Over the next four years, Koff’s grueling investigations took her across geography synonymous with some of the worst crimes of the twentieth century. The Bone Woman is Koff’s unflinching, riveting account of her seven UN missions to Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Rwanda, as she shares what she saw, how it affected her, who was prosecuted based on evidence she found, and what she learned about the world. Yet even as she recounts the hellish nature of her work and the heartbreak of the survivors, she imbues her story with purpose, humanity, and a sense of justice. A tale of science in service of human rights, The Bone Woman is, even more profoundly, a story of hope and enduring moral principles.

I’m not sure whether this can count as a rogue “Flat Book Society” read, since I don’t know to what extent this actually covers Koff’s work on forensic science / anthropology.  Even if it doesn’t, though, this is a book I’ve long wanted to read, so I’m glad to finally be getting around to it.


Overall Review and Comments on the Book’s Individual Sections:

Kibuye: https://themisathena.info/clea-koff-the-bone-woman-part-1-kibuye-rwanda
Kigali: https://themisathena.info/clea-koff-the-bone-woman-part-2-kigali-rwanda
Bosnia: https://themisathena.info/clea-koff-the-bone-woman-part-3-bosnia
Croatia: https://themisathena.info/clea-koff-the-bone-woman-part-4-croatia
Kosovo: https://themisathena.info/clea-koff-the-bone-woman-part-5-kosovo
Overall Review: https://themisathena.info/clea-koff-the-bone-woman


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