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      1. I think it is unlikely that I will maintain the Rue Morgue blog. I find that dividing my attention makes me have no attention! Once I get my situation at booklikes sorted out, I am going to do some serious decision making!

    1. The latter. I’ll be blogging on WP, but following everybody else on Bloglovin’ in addition. It’s easier to organize your feed there, and you seem to be able to like and comment on *all* blogs from your feed (not just follow off-site blogs like on WP) — Moonlight Reader commented on a WP post of mine earlier, and the WP dialogue box told me she’d done so right over on Bloglovin’.

      1. Cool. Another question. I follow some people on blogspot, which you can’t “like”. If I joined bloglovin, I could “like” their posts. How does that affect them? If they’re not on bloglovin, would they ever know?

        1. They would, I think — if comments made on Bloglovin’ are transmitted right over to the actual blog (WP, or whatever), then surely likes must be as well? That’s my hope, anyway — why else follow blogs from several different sites from a central vantage point to begin with if you can’t also interact that way?

          1. Explore away. I tried it last year when things first started going nuts at BL and I couldn’t figure out how to do anything. So this time around I figure I’ll let others do the heavy lifting 🙂

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