BL-opoly: Dice Roll #19

Having finished Ann Leckie’s excellent Raven Tower, I have just about enough time to roll again before the day is out.  And as always when I’m “just quickly going to do this”, there’s no such thing as a straightforward roll.  So — here we go:

My first roll sends me to square 14: The Patagonia Star — read a book set in Central or South America, or by an author from any country in Central or South America.

Now I really am going to read Laura Restrepo’s Hot Sur (which had already been one of my last Scottie Dog options).

Length: 447 pages
=> + $5 upon completion.

It’s doubles, though, so I roll again … and next land on Free Parking.  Which means another roll, this time sending me to the Scottie Dog — gee, seems like the BL-opoly gods really want me to have that card in duplicate!  There I was, thinking I’d dutifully used one of them in the last round, but … nope.  Well, OK then!  So I’m just going to use up all of my novelty cards with my final rolls of the game, I suppose …


And, since my “Free Parking” roll was again doubles, I get to roll a fourth and final time, this time sending me to square 36: The European Vacation — read a book that involves travel to Europe, or has an image of any European city or monument on the cover, or  the letters of whose title can spell the name of any European city / country that MR visited on her trip.

Candace Robb’s Apothecary Rose has been on my TBR for a minor eternity, and I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be a medieval view of York (where the book is set) on the cover, so I’m going to run with that!

Length: 370 pages
=> + $3 upon completion.



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