Bad Hair Day

24 Festive Tasks: Door 8 – Penance Day, Task 3:

In centuries gone by, penance would often end up in what might be described as a very extended bad hair day (complete with sackcloth and ashes).  Tell us: What’s a bad hair day to you – and what (if anything) do you do about it?

Another member of Team Unmanageable Hair here.


It actually started somewhat inauspiciously …


… until age 2, I didn’t have any hair at all.

When it did start to grow, though, it soon became clear that it was going to be a challenge to keep in check — it’s both frizzy and curly (and the curls and general frizziness multiply with the level of humidity they’re exposed to).  When I was little, my mom tried the “keep it short” approach …

… but that ultimately didn’t really help, either — the only thing it achieved was to make me profoundly hate going to the hairdresser’s (to this day, in fact).  So ever since my childhood, the struggle has been real!





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