Agathyte PSA: For those who’d like to join: First stop in my planned "Agatha on Stage" series

I have almost all of Agatha’s plays sitting at home now (with the sole exception of Black Coffee and The Unexpected Guest), and I’ve decided to start my exploration of her dramatic writing with this recent(ish) compilation of three radio plays:

  • Butter in a Lordly Dish (for our whiteboard: starring a KC named Luke Enderby … possible connection with After the Funeral?)
  • Murder in the Mews (starring Poirot and going by the description, sounds like a fairly straightforward adaptation of the short story) and
  • Personal Call (starring a couple named James and Pamela Brent — possible relatives of Bundle?)

On a semi-related note, the investigator in the stage version of Murder on the Nile (which I’m also planning to read soon) is not Poirot but … Canon Pennyfather!  So, another cross reference between the worlds of Poirot and Miss Marple (cf. At Bertram’s Hotel).  And it makes sense, of course, that the play was written in 1944 — 20 years before the Miss Marple novel (1965).

I haven’t set any particular start date for either the radio plays or Murder on the Nile yet, but if anybody would like to join me, please let me know what date would work for you.

ETA: Listening Progress Updates: HERE.



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