Agatha Christie: The Lost Plays (Butter in a Lordly Dish / Personal Call / Murder in the Mews)

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First one down, Butter in a Lordly Dish … so far, so fiendish!  (Even if I had an inkling what was going on partway through.)

No implicit connection with After the Funeral intended, however, I think.  (MR?)



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Personal Call — slight supernatural tinge, in line with the stories collected in The Golden Ball and While the Light Lasts.

Note for the Agathyte whiteboard: Definitely no connection with the Bundle Brent novels.

Question for the Agathytes: Where else did Inspector Narracott (or Nerracott) appear?


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Oooh!  Bonus material, including audio interviews with Christie and introductions by her of some of her works — as well as a speech by her (and an interview) on the 10th anniversary of The Mousetrap!  Nice!!

Agatha Christie cutting the 6th anniversary cake for The Mousetrap

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Sigh.  One of the things we learn in the interviews on CD 1 is that when writing for the stage (or for radio), Christie preferred to write plays “as (original) plays”, rather than adapting her own novels; and she only started doing the latter after she found that she didn’t much like what other people did to her work when adapting it.  (Hear that, Mr. Osborne?)  Now guess what is one of the first things we learn upon switching to CD 2?  The version of Murder in the Mews included here — the longest of the three radio plays in this set — was not actually written by Dame Agatha herself but by someone else and commissioned by the BBC.  Grrrr.

Also: How can you possibly have an adaptation of this particular story without its glorious conclusion on the golf links?!


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