Agatha Christie / Mathew Prichard (ed.): The Grand Tour

Letters and Photographs from the British Empire Expedition 1922

Agatha Christie’s letters, photos and postcards from the expedition to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Canada in which her first husband, Archibald, and she were invited to participate out of the blue shortly after the birth of their daughter Rosamund.  Lovingly edited by her grandson Matthew Pritchard, and amplified by the corresponding excerpts from her autobiography, the letters in particular shed an interesting sidelight onto the thinking and life experience of the budding future Queen of Crime (her second novel was published while the tour was under way), and to fans, the book is worth the purchase for her photos alone (she had rather a good eye for visual composition, too) … and for her surfing adventures, reproduced here in their full glory, and in both words and images.

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  1. Another reason to be grumpy: I can’t just click on your book cover to add it to my TBR. 😐 I’m going to have to actually write lists out again. 🙂

    1. Well, once I’m done with this WP overhaul of mine I’ll hopefully have integrated my TinyCat library, so you’ll be able to source the books through that (or LibraryThing)!

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