A Spontaneous Splurge

My BFF and I only went down to “that store” a couple of weeks ago (see Festive Tasks: Gifts post), but we decided before another wave of restrictions is going to hit in light of the rising infection figures and the new variant, we might as well go back to stock up on essentials. The Walkers and the marzipan and almond balls are for my mom, the “Truffles” bar and the ice cream cone-shaped chocolate were a gift from Gaby to me — she got chocolate-coated gingerbread from me in turn — the rest is going into the store of stuff intended to get me through December: including and in particular the pistachio tartuffi (which you’re bound to see in this year’s gingerbread and Christmas cookies bowl if I can control myself long enough) and the two kinds of Christmas tea (“that store’s” own blends): one chiefly vanilla and almond-flavored, the other one with aniseed, rose petals, orange peel, cinnamon chips, and cloves. And I’ve already tried it, too — I might have to order replenishments well before Christmas.

4 thoughts on “A Spontaneous Splurge

  1. Whar a great variety. I love that tin- that is so pretty! I’m pretty well stuck on drinking cinnamon stick tea with honey in it. I always think that I will branch out and try something else and I’ll even buy something else at the store, with the intentions of drinking it but my husband ends up drinking it as I always go back to my cinnamon stick tea. Your aniseed, clove tea sounds really good.

    1. That’s one of the reasons why I love that particular store (also how I discovered it, many years ago): their teas are really first rate. They also have a great variety of pure (not flavored / perfumed) single-plantation teas, in many cases straight from the grower, but I also really love their flavored teas — most of which are their own, hand-crafted blends.

      Then again, there’s definitely a point to going with what you know you’ll like! I’m like that in most cases, too (including with tea) — if I try something new, I usually only do it because it’s coming from a store I trust and I have every reason to expect I’ll like it.

      Would you believe that cookie tin is currently holding my extra lights for my Christmas candle holders? 🙂

      1. I can see why you would like to go to this store. I had a store like that but they closed a few years ago, I bought a lot of gifts there as they sold unique and original items. I’m glad that you have a place like that, i really need to find another place like that. I like little tins and boxes. I’m glad that you reused yours. I’m like you and use them for a variety of purposes and have even used them to wrap a present in.

        1. I love tin boxes — I have way too many of them because I also keep all the pretty special ones (for tea, cookies etc) once they‘re empty! So this one (which I bought empty) just had to be given a use ASAP, just so I had an excuse to have it out in the open on a shelf. 🙂

          And yes, that store is contributing so much joy to my life — has been for the past almost 20 years. I discovered it when I moved to Frankfurt all the way back then (after returning to Germany from the U.S.) … and my BFF and I just kept going there, even after I‘d moved back to Bonn (where she‘d always remained), which is a 2-hour drive from Frankfurt — and in Germany, a 2-hour drive is quite a lot; it „feels“ like much more than in the U.S. It‘s something you only do if it‘s important enough to really make the effort count. We usually try to go down there at least two or three times per year.

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