A Sneak Peak at this year’s Booklikes-opoly Board!

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Game play begins in just 3 weeks!

I will be unveiling the game play rules and game cards in a couple of weeks, but I thought that I would share the all new game board.

There will be all new game cards this year, with all new game tasks. As you can see, our theme will having us reading books that fit (loosely) into the following categories:

  1. School’s Out For Summer
  2. Stay-Cation
  3. Beach Week
  4. Mountain Cabin
  5. At the Lake House
  6. Summer Blockbuster
  7. Summer Romance
  8. European vacation

We will also have all new Railroad & Question squares!

In addition to the BL squares, which will feature a Wheel-Decide to be unveiled later, I have added 4 novelty squares, one for each of four monopoly tokens: cat, Scottie dog, race car & robot.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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