A Book Stack / Scales Festivus Feat of Strength

24 Festive Tasks: Door 19 – Festivus, Task 3:

Have your household scales perform a feat of strength: Place 10 of your heaviest books in a stack on your scales and tell us what their total weight comes to.


The books I picked for this task:

* My hardcover boxed set of Thomas Mann’s complete novels (7 books)
* My one-volume omnibus of The Collected Jack London,
* A three-novel book club P.D. James omnibus edition named Deadly Pleasures (and containing the novels The Black Tower, Death of an Expert Witness, and The Skull Beneath the Skin)
* … and, of course, my Oxford Shakespeare Complete Works.

Altogether, they came to a weight of 8.5 kg (= 18.7 pounds).



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