24 Festive Tasks: Stats for the First 10 Days

Well, the first 10 days of the game are in, and we’re off to a great start yet again!  I hope everybody is enjoying the game — both the tasks and holidays we’ve brought back and the new ones.

The most popular tasks so far have been Día de los Muertos task 3 (epitaph for your most disliked book) and, of course, Melbourne Cup Day “pick your ponies” — even though we had fewer winners (and hence, bonus points collectors) this year than in previous years.

More generally speaking, for the first four holidays every single task has been completed by one or more of the participants, and we’re also beginning to see the first books being read for the final holidays of the game.

Which is probably just as well … we’ll have another seven calendar door openings in November yet to come!  (Plus four in the first two weeks of December — in addition to the remaining tasks for the final eight holidays, which we’ll be revealing on December 1.)

Continue to have fun, everybody!



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