24 Festive Tasks: November Stats

I’d been planning to do weekly stats again this year, but RL intervened — so here, at least, are those for the month of November:

(Right-click on the image to see a larger version.)

As in previous years at this point in the game, the first three calendar doors we opened in November are the most popular ones overall so far, with almost equal numbers of tasks completed and points collected by the game’s participants.

I have to say, thouth, that I am very happy that not only Japanese Culture Day but also this year’s other new holidays, International Children’s Day and World Philosophy Day, are doing very well and are proving easily as popular as the other mid-month holidays.

Of the individual tasks, the most popular ones this year so far are:

* Door 1 (All Saints’ Day / Día de los Muertos) Task 3: “Write an epitaph for the book you most disliked this year”

* Door 3 (Melbourne Cup Day) Task 1: “Pick your ponies”,

and on an equal footing

* Door 2 (Japanese Culture Day) Task 4: “If you like Japanese food, treat yourself to a favorite dish”, and

* Door 3 (Melbourne Cup Day) Task 3: “Post a picture of your favorite cup or mug for your daily fix of coffee, tea or chocolate”.

Finally, of the book tasks, the most popular ones so far are:

* Door 2 (Japanese Culture Day): “Read a graphic novel, a book set in a school or academic setting, or a book set in Japan or by a Japanese author”,

* Door 1 (All Saints’ Day / Día de los Muertos): “Reread a favorite book by a deceased author or from a finished series, or read a book set in Mexico or a book that either has a primarily black and white cover or all the colors (ROYGBIV) on the cover, or a book featuring zombies”, and

* Door 4 (Guy Fawkes Night): “Read a book set in the UK, a political thriller, a book involving any monarchy or revolution, a book about arson or related to fires and burning, a book whose plot involves costumes / fancy dress, or that has masks on the cover, or that is self-published”.

Another thing that is making me very happy is that almost 60% of all participants are doing more than one task for every square they’re completing!

We will shortly be revealing the non-book tasks for the final eight holidays of the game: We’re planning to synchronize them so as to more or less all post together, so they may not be in perfect sequence; please refer to their respective door numbers to double check the proper order.

With those tasks and the ones for the three remaining, as-yet unopened December doors, I hope the game still has many tasks and great fun for everybody to offer in its second month.

Enjoy, everybody!


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