24 Festive Tasks, Door 3 – Task 1: Pick Your Ponies Results

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Thanks to all who participated in Task 1: Pick Your Ponies. The race is over, results are in, and points have been won! Please be sure to record your task participation and any bonus points in the Task Reporting Form which can be found on any official Holiday post, such as the main Door 3 post which you can find here.

Now, on to the results!

“Aaaaaaand they’re off!”

After a tense photo finish, a protest filed by the race Stewards (not the jockeys), and a dramatic shuffle on the podium (assuming horse racing does podiums, IDK), the standings are as follows:

1st: Vow And Declare
2nd: Prince of Arran
3rd: Il Paradiso

Last: Rostropovich

The following BookLikers have scored a point for picking a winner:

Mrs. Claus’ Tea House: Vow And Declare
Portable Magic: Prince of Arran
Moonlight Murder: Prince of Arran
Nighttime Reading Center: Il Paradiso



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