Day: January 4, 2020

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2017 – 2019 Three-Year Reading Stats

Three years ago I took a look at my reading stats for the then-just-finished year (2017) and decided they were off in several respects: Too many rereads Too many mysteries — i.e., too much comfort reading — AND way too few books by female authors. Also, the ratio of books read vs. new, unread additions […]

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24 Festive Tasks: Final Results — and Thanks to All Participants!

A big Thank You to everybody who joined the game and participated so actively: Collectively, we achieved the very respectable total score of 505 POINTS Go us — well done everybody!  Thank you so much from this year’s hosts: Murder by Death, Moonlight Snow (Reader), TeaStitchRead (Mrs. Claus’ Tea House), and me.  Once again, it’s […]

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