2020 Gävle Goat Guess

24 Festive Tasks: Door 8 – St. Lucia’s Day, Task 2:

Guess (and strictly no googling!): Is the Gävle goat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%A4vle_goat) going to survive until after Christmas this year?

December 26, 2020:

I’ve admittedly been pushing this task until the very last moment (for purposes of this game, today counts as part of “Christmas”, as there are several countries around the world where today is a public holiday known as “The Second Day of Christmas”, including Sweden: https://www.thelocal.se/20181226/swedish-word-of-the-day-annandag-jul).

So anyway — do I believe the goat will make it until tomorrow? After a 3-year run, it seems doubtful (also, who knows how well the supervision / security measures are going to work this of all years). But I, too, this year more than ever need the goat to defeat the odds. So I’ll say the goat survives!

December 29, 2020 Addendum: Gävle Goat Revelation Time

Christmas is behind us, and the goat is still standing tall!

Livecam feed:

Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/Gavlebocken
December 27 tweet:

So, everybody who guess the goat would survive gets to add a point to their tally!


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