Day: June 9, 2019

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If Muhammad won’t come to the mountain … (the feline version).

While Sunny and Charlie are having great fun helping me pick books for BL-opoly (and enjoying their repeated snack breaks), they’ve had to do without me in their favorite parts of our home a lot lately because I was spending long hours at my desk.  So they decided they needed to check out what exactly […]

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BL-opoly: Dice Roll #9 … Parts a, b, c and d!

Today is another roll day for me, and it turns out as a result I’ll probably be set, reading-wise, for quite some time!  Let’s take this one step by step … Beginning on my just-finished square, #16, my first roll today is a double, which puts me on square 23: The Cape-to-Cairo Railway — read […]

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Georgette Heyer: A Blunt Instrument

Heyer at her worst — clichéd, biased, snub-nosed, with one-dimensional characters and a mystery whose solution is staring you in the face virtually from page 1.  I only finished it for confirmation that my guess was correct (which, dare I say “of course”, it was), but it was a struggle of the sort I’ve never […]

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