Day: October 29, 2017

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Black Cat Productions Presents: Halloween Bingo 2017: Update 12 — Bingos No. 10-13 and BLACKOUT!

  My Square Markers and “Virgin” Bingo Card: “Virgin” card posted for ease of tracking and comparison. Black Kitty: Read but not called Black Vignette: Called but not read Black Kitty in Black Vignette: Read and Called Black Kitty Center Square: (Read = Called)   Completed Spreadsheet: (Note: Physical print editions unless stated otherwise)   […]

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Hard at work on the *mumble, mumble* tasks of the festive season!

Reblogged from: Murder by Death   Themis-Athena’s Garden of Books and I are hard at work coming up with … *cough*… if we told you now it wouldn’t be as exciting, would it? But we are pretty chuffed…     The season is approaching. The season for what? No matter where you live, or what […]

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