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Festive Tasks 2020: … aaaand we’re off!

Door 14 – Reveal & Task 1, Door 15 – Book, and Door 16 – Task 1 The king is dead; long live the king … with Halloween Bingo behind us, Festive Tasks is already well under way!  Since we ran a poll this year to determine which holidays were to be included in the […]

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Halloween Bingo 2019 PreParty — Question for 08/12 (Day 12): Classic Crime and Classic Horror Recommendations?

Late to today’s party and most of my really big favorites have already made an appearance in other folks’ posts, so I figured I’ll just list mine and showcase at the top of my post some of the books that haven’t yet been highlighted by others.  By bingo category, with suspense and mysteries together in […]

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My Personal Literary Canon, Part 2: “Veteran” Readership

24 Festive Tasks, Door 5, Task 3: Tell us: What author’s books would you consider yourself a veteran of (i.e., by author have you read particularly many books – or maybe even all of them)?   The authors by whom I’ve read the most books don’t coincide exactly, but substantially with those that I’d also […]

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Favorite Books Featuring Golf

24 Festive Tasks: Door 12 – St. Andrew’s Day, Task 4: The town of St. Andrews, where the saint’s bones ended up in the course of the spread of Christianity to Scotland, is also famous for its golf course and tournament.  List your 3 favorite books where golf is key to the plot.   Golf […]

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Kathryn Harkup: A Is for Arsenic

Should come with several prescriptions / warning labels The first caveat, obviously, being “don’t ever try this at home.”  Most of the poisons Harkup discusses are much harder to obtain these days than in Agatha Christie’s time, so for most of them the risk of being used as a murder weapon may have been mitigated […]

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An Enjoyable Romp Through the Swinging 1920s’ London The Secret Adversary (1922) and the short stories eventually collected in the slender volume Partners in Crime (1929) count among Agatha Christie‘s earliest publications; early enough to have promised their quirky protagonists, Tommy and “Tuppence” (Prudence) Beresford as long and eventful a fictional career as that of […]

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