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My Reviewing and Rating Philosophy / Use of (Half-)Star Ratings

24 Festive Tasks: Door 12 – World Philosophy Day, Task 1 & Bonus Task: Task 1: What is your reviewing / rating policy?  Do you accept book review requests? Bonus Task: Half star ratings or not?  Tell us what you think and whether you use them. My rating philosophy is set out HERE — tl;dr […]

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My Reading, Rating, and Reviewing Philosophy

24 Festive Tasks: Door 9 – World Philosphy Day, Tasks 1 and 2: Share your reading philosophy with us – do you DNF?  If so, do you have a page minimum to read before you declare it a DNF? And: Share your reviewing philosophy with us – how do you rate a book?  Do you […]

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Hmmm …

Need to review a literary novel? Just use my handy-dandy Literary Novel Review Generator! — Lona Manning (@LonaManning) June 1, 2018   Original post:

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Amazon (Finally) Suing Sellers Over Fake Reviews [REBLOG]

Reblogged from: GreyWarden (reblogged from One of Amazon’s most appealing features is the unbiased reviews provided to members. Unfortunately, it turns out that some sellers have taken it upon themselves to feed fake reviews to their customers-to-be. This wouldn’t be a prudent idea. Amazon is (and has been) suing those sellers that are buying […]

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