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An Alphabet of My Likes and Dislikes: “L”

This is a post belonging to a new blogging project — the title is pretty much self-explanatory, I think; the project’s introductory post can be found HERE.  Credit for the idea: BeetleyPete. As always, the only thing linking the two items mentioned in this post in my mind is that they both start with the […]

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St. Martin’s Day Procession: Germany’s November Bonfire Tradition

24 Festive Tasks: Door 2 – Guy Fawkes Night, Bonus Task #1: Post pictures of past or present bonfires, fireworks (IF THEY’RE LEGAL) or sparklers. As a kid, one of my favorite holiday traditions used to be the St. Martin’s Day processions: The holiday celebrates St. Martin of Tours (France), a 4th century Roman military […]

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