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Bristol academic cracks Voynich code, solving century-old mystery of medieval text | EurekAlert! Science News

News Release 15-May-2019 IMAGE: Vignette A illustrates the erupting volcano that prompted the rescue mission and the drawing of the map. It rose from the seabed to create a new island given the name… view more  Credit: Voynich manuscript A University of Bristol academic has succeeded where countless cryptographers, linguistics scholars and computer programs have failed – […]

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Stratford-upon-Avon — Oxford — London: Shakespeare, Hogwarts and Shopping

Stratford A Scene at the RSC Book and Gift Shop The date: June 17, 2017. The time: Approximately 10:00AM. TA and friend enter; TA asks for a shopping basket and makes straight for the shelves and display cases. An indeterminate amount of time is then spent browsing. Whenever her friend points out something and asks […]

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REBLOG: Here’s What Shakespeare’s Plays Sounded Like With Their Original English Accent

This is beyond awesome. Reblogged from: Libromancer’s Apprentice (BookLikes)   Hey, Troy – this strikes me as something you’d be interested in. I’m loving the jokes that they’re discovering b/c of this.   Original post:

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