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24 Festive Tasks: Holiday Book Joker

24 Festive Tasks: Door 23 – Hogswatch, Task 2, and Door 24 – Epiphany, Task 2: Tell us: Did you or any kids you know ever have a funny or weird (the good sort of weird) encounter with a department store Santa, um, Hogfather? And: Chalking the door is an Epiphany tradition in some places, to bless […]

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PSA: Upcoming Group Reads in November and December

Beginning November 1 (today): Steve Brusatte, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs — Flat Book Society November group read. This one also covers the “book” task requirements of the New Year’s Eve square in the 24 Festive Tasks game (beginning and ending of a species, and if the comet gets any page space, also […]

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