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2020: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We’re still a month away from the end of the year, but my reading will probably consist mainly of Christmas books in December, and I hope and pray that life won’t come up and throw anything else at me in the final month of the year, either.  So I might as well post my “Year […]

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To my American friends …

… and to everyone who celebrates: It’s been a difficult year for many of us, but I hope you all still have things to be thankful for! And for being my friends and for making a difference in my life, this year perhaps more than ever.

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@LA: Thank you so much — it’s beautiful! (As well as perfect for Halloween …)

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This year’s essential Halloween Bingo equipment arrived — thank you so much, OB!

Aren’t they just gorgeous? They’re also officially cat-approved. (Don’t worry, OB.  Thy survived the inspection unblemished — otherwise there would have been hell to pay here.) What do you mean, “They’re not for us???” Though of course … Nothing says “Halloween” like a picture of pumpkin socks being photobombed by a (mostly) black cat!   […]

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Nine Candles

24 Festive Tasks: Door 14 – Hanukkah, Task 2: Light 9 candles each representing something you’re thankful for (share a picture with us; sharing anything else is optional).   Some of the things for which I am grateful this holiday season: My mom and the fact that, at age 80 (just this year) she is […]

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An early Christmas present!

… my beautiful, magical physical “16 Festive Tasks” card, courtesy of MbD and her husband, which got here just in time for Christmas all the way from Australia.  Thank you both — it’s beyond gorgeous, and I’m just sooo happy!  This will be a much-treasured memento of our mad dash putting together and hosting this […]

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