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Bookshop Goodies

I went book gift shopping for a friend today and decided to treat myself to a few goodies, too:

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Christmas Book Gifts

24 Festive Tasks: Door 20 – Christmas, Task 3: Did your Christmas celebrations include books?  Share your book haul pictures with us!   Trust Gaby to raid my wishlist and add to my book collection come gift giving time!   Original post:

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@LA: Thank you so much — it’s beautiful! (As well as perfect for Halloween …)

  Original post:

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Birthday Gifts

BD gifts: My mom gave me a ticket for Bonn Opera’s production of Händel’s Xerxes — a simply riveting, tongue in cheek production setting the story in a dictatorial fairy tale puppet theatre (yes, there is such a thing) — and my BFF raided my Ammy wishlist … as well as adding a few things […]

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The Twelve Tasks of the Festive Season — Grand Finale and BLACKOUT!

Snow Globes: Reads Bells: Activities I intend to also read a book for the Kwanzaa square and try to get as many of my as-yet missing activities done (Holiday Down Under, Movie Ticket, and Holiday Party), but since completing either activities or reads qualifies for completing a square, as far as the game itself is […]

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Birthday Monster Book Haul

…  thanks to my mom, who gave me a bookstore gift card, my best friend, who raided my Amazon wish list (isn’t it nice to know your loved ones know just what you’ll be happiest about?) and a few odd things to which I treated myself: Die Briefe der Manns (The Mann Family Correspondence) — […]

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Holiday Splurge 2015

11:30 pm 3 January 2016 Holiday Splurge Themis-Athena’s Garden of Books   The way things have been shaping up in the recent couple of months, the holiday season ending today was most likely my last real reprieve from fairly major (not to say time-consuming and persistent) work-related unpleasantness for the foreseeable future.   This being […]

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