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Book Editions and Licensing: A Matter of Regional Profit Centers

24 Festive Tasks: Door 2 – Guy Fawkes Night, Task 1: Start a (publishing) revolution! What would you change / reform / get rid of in the book world? One thing that is increasingly getting on my nerves are regionally restricted licenses, particularly when it comes to audiobooks (and movie / DVD formats). Surely in […]

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My 2018 Book Harvest

24 Festive Tasks: Door 9 – Thanksgiving, Task 4: Show us your 2018 book “harvest” – the books you newly acquired this year, regardless whether bought, received as gift or in whichever other way.   Well, we know that 2018 was the year I almost broke my shelving system … … or would have, if […]

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The Twelve Tasks of the Festive Season — Task the Ninth: The Happy New Year

– Every year you get a little bit older! Read a coming of age novel or any old favorite comfort read to start the new year right. – If you’re feeling brave, post a holiday picture of yourself from your childhood or misspent youth. For Part 1 of this task I listened to the audio version one […]

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Birthday Monster Book Haul

…  thanks to my mom, who gave me a bookstore gift card, my best friend, who raided my Amazon wish list (isn’t it nice to know your loved ones know just what you’ll be happiest about?) and a few odd things to which I treated myself: Die Briefe der Manns (The Mann Family Correspondence) — […]

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