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Favorite Dragons from Fiction and Mythology

24 Festive Tasks: Door 5 – Bon Om Touk, Task 3: Dragons and dragon-like serpents (imugi) are important to Korean mythology (as they are to that of other Asian peoples).  So – which are your favorite literary dragons (fictional, mythological, whatever)?   First things first: shout-out to the resident Fierce and Friendly Dragon! And speaking […]

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Halloween Bingo 2019 PreParty — Question for 08/05 (Day 5): Favorite Series with Supernatural Elements

Hmmm, are we talking “series” as in “including trilogies and quartets” here, or does it have to be more than that number?  Also, what about works that were intended as one (very long) book but are traditionally broken up into several parts that are published separately (like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings) and books originally […]

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Mary Stewart: Merlin Trilogy — Tintagel

Reading Progress Update: 340 of 928 Pages.   (Page numbers are for the omnibus edition.) Well, I finished The Crystal Cave (a while ago in fact) and have now moved on to The Hollow Hills, which picks up right where the first book of the trilogy ends.  Merlin is still rather unlike the wise old […]

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Mary Stewart: Merlin Trilogy — Reading Progress Update: 249 of 928 Pages — Part 1: The Crystal Cave

(Note: the page number is for the trilogy’s omnibus edition, which is the book I’m actually reading.) “Thanks” to having contracted some sort of cold or flu bug and having been out of commission for pretty much all other purposes over the weekend, I’ve progressed fairly well with this book — well there has to […]

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REBLOG: Starting November 1, 2016

Reblogged from: Moonlight Murder Don’t forget that we are beginning the Mary Stewart Merlin readalong on November 1st!  Start acquiring your books now so you are ready to read!   Original post:

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Birthday Monster Book Haul

…  thanks to my mom, who gave me a bookstore gift card, my best friend, who raided my Amazon wish list (isn’t it nice to know your loved ones know just what you’ll be happiest about?) and a few odd things to which I treated myself: Die Briefe der Manns (The Mann Family Correspondence) — […]

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The Medieval Murderers: King Arthur’s Bones

Picking Over Royal Bones Royal births, weddings and burials have fascinated us ordinary humans since time immemorial; and while people’s proprietary interest in the fate of the world’s rulers is easily understandable in societies where those rulers wield supreme power – including the Europe of yesteryear – the fascination is no less noticeable in today’s […]

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