24 Tasks – Door 16 – Task 1

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Festive Tasks 2020: … aaaand we’re off!

Door 14 – Reveal & Task 1, Door 15 – Book, and Door 16 – Task 1 The king is dead; long live the king … with Halloween Bingo behind us, Festive Tasks is already well under way!  Since we ran a poll this year to determine which holidays were to be included in the […]

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Human Rights Keywords in Book Titles

24 Festive Tasks: Door 16 – Human Rights Day, Task 1: Book hunt for human rights:  Search your shelves for books with titles containing human rights words such as: hope, friendship, equality, justice, love, liberty, etc.  Put them in a stack and take a picture for posting.  (5 book minimum). Since I just recently restored […]

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