Day: August 15, 2017

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REBLOG: Halloween bingo: game format

Reblogged from: Moonlight Reader   Game Format Changes! We’re going to be playing our game a bit differently this year! The first difference is that all of the players will play with a different bingo card! OB & I have come up with 31 reading “squares” that are focused in four broad categories: mystery/murder, horror, Stranger Things (the […]

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REBLOG: The Flat Book Society: Our First (and Second) Reads!

Reblogged from: Murder by Death   Voting for the first two books came to an end today and we have two books tied at 7 votes each, so they’re our first two reads. Starting September 1st and running through October 31st: The irresistible, ever-curious, and always best-selling Mary Roach returns with a new adventure to […]

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Patricia Wentworth: Grey Mask — Reading Progress Update: 97 of 332 Pages

Alright, I’m at the end of chapter 14 now, and … did these Golden Age writers really all crib from each other to such a huge extent, or was there some sort of unspoken convention about plot and character points you absolutely had to hit in one or more of your novels (and the more […]

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Martin Edwards Haul

I swear, I really only opened my wishlist to order “The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books” … (sigh). Oh, wait, that would have been last year.  Now it’s more like Yey!!   Original post: Merken

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MR & OB are at it again……….

Reblogged from: Moonlight Reader   We’re shaking up the game this year! Stay tuned!   Original post:

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